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A Vida dos Pássaros

Life of Birds

Esta magnífica série celebra a incrível variedade das criaturas mais amadas do mundo e fornece informações sobre o seu fascinante modo de vida.

. Three years in the making, David Attenborough travelled around the globe, visiting 42 countries from the Arctic to Antarctica to uncover the private life of these conquerors of the air.

Birds take centre-stage for the first time and turn out to be remarkably bright and engaging creatures. Apart from their advanced acrobatic skills, they have some bizarre ways of finding food and getting a mate. In Japan, crows crack open nuts with the help of cars and in Australia, choughs gang up and kidnap their neighbours young. Far from the comfortable image of birds singing away in British gardens and swimming on ponds, humble hedge sparrows are cheating on their mates and coots are killing their young!

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Episódios desta Série:

  1. To Fly or Not to Fly
  2. Mastery of Flight
  3. Insatiable Apetite
  4. Meat Eaters
  5. Fishing for a Living
  6. Signals and Songs
  7. Finding Partners
  8. Demand of the Egg
  9. Problems of Parenthood
  10. Limits of Endurance
A Vida dos Pássaros

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Informações Adicionais

Duração: 50 min.
Produzido: PBS
Apresentador: David Attenborough
Código: 121
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